Friday, February 26, 2010

The truth about Charlie's...

Anybody here been to Kenilworth, NJ?
Anybody been to Charlie's?
Let's fix that...

Charlie's is sells the most amazing sandwiches. Half a loaf of pizza bread stuffed with cheesesteak, hot dogs or sausages. Peppers and onions. All topped with fried potatoes. 

My mother loved it.
My girlfriend loved it.
Even my friends from Philly loved it.
And you will love it.

Just knock some of the potatoes off and eat them like chips.  Shove the rest in the sandwich and go to town. I highly recommend a cherry soda for your beverage.

The place itself used to be cooler when it was stuck in the 50's...but who cares. 

The sandwich is where it's at.

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