Sunday, January 24, 2010

The new face of evil...

So folks, if you are around my age, you may remember a series of Captain Crunch ads from the early to mid-eighties featuring his battles against the Soggies. The Soggies were a milk based race of creatures who committed a number of heinous acts, including kidnapping Spider-Man.

But, their number one nefarious goal...sogging up the Crunch Berries.

Crunch Berries were adorable, singing, dancing and all around  kind hearted talking berries. They were pretty much defenseless. So...when the Soggies came a-calling...they had only one hope.

The heroic Captain himself.

He would swoop in and drive away the Soggies in some creative and clever way. The Crunch Berries were saved and every one would celebrate while the Soggies slunk back to their milky lairs.

And then...

Captain Crunch would kill the Crunch Berries to put them in his cereal.

They never show that part though, do they?

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