Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Year...

I guess I should start by telling you all a bit about myself.

I am about to turn 34.
I live in North Jersey.

I love food.

I have been in the restaurant business my entire adult life. I read books about food. I check all the food blogs. I take day long 'culinary adventures' into NYC. I have driven 1 1/2 hours to Waffle House at 2AM...passing one Waffle House to get to a better one. I cook dinner for my friends every Monday. My girlfriend gets mad at me because I sometimes hump her leg when talking about food.

She's going to kill me for that one.

So...I love food.

I have thought about starting a blog for awhile...what better time then now?

What to expect...
Details of my dining experiences...dinners at home...restaurants i visit...

Tales of my workplace...the restaurant I work at was named in the NY Times most memorable dining experiences of 2009...and they have no idea what goes on when no one is watching.

My thoughts on food and cooking...trends, philosophies and ingredients.

Also, I suppose, my thoughts life in general...

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