Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On any given Monday...

Basically, I just wanted to post these incredibly sexy pictures.

As I've stated in previous posts...I don't follow's just not my style. My brain doesn't work that way. I tend to never make the same dish twice, at least not in the same way.

So, you probably won't find any actual recipes on this site...just ideas and jumping off points.

Also note my most prized possesion, my Wusthof santoku.

I have a number of ways to deal with sprouts. Roasted with pancetta and finished with Balsamic. Shaved and sauteed till it's browned and crispy. In a corn bread and bacon stuffing. Recently, I had them as a pizza topping.   I often treat them with a rougher hand...I feel that the caramelization brought on by high heat brings out the nuttiness.

But look at them...they demand a gentler touch.

So, I brought some leeks to the party. I don't use leeks as often as I should. I love them, but so often overlook them. However, I love the mild, gentle flavor they bring to a dish. So I decided to introduce the two.

I shaved the leeks and sprouts, after removing the larger outer leaves for some varied texture. The leeks went in first with a bit of olive oil and butter at a low temp, with just a quick squeeze of lemon at the start to add a little brightness.

I let them melt down a bit before adding the sprouts and......truffle butter. I love having that hint of truffle as a hidden, background anchovy or fish sauce, just bring on that umami. It's like slipping on some Al Green and turning down the lights.

A splash of heavy cream to thicken and bind and...oh, hell...just because I love it.

Left to do their thing and mingle...a very happy marriage.

Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last long...because I ate them.

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