Friday, March 12, 2010

My wish list...

 I thought I would put out a wish list of the places I want to eat at in the next few months. The weather is starting to get nice and I am getting antsy.

Locanda Verde...because who isn't going
The Breslin...again...this time for the pig
The Spotted Pig...because I need to write about those Bloody Marys
Blue Hill at Stone Barns...waiting for the spring
Ratz...also in the spring
Prune...I keep hearing great thing
Sushi Yasuda...because I can't afford Masa
Ward visit Adela
The Bar Room at the Modern...going in 2 weeks
Roberta's...went to event there a few months ago...dying to go back
Commerce...also, been hearing good things
Momfuku...all of one day...sounds fun, right?
Prime Meats...gotta get to Brooklyn
The Grease Trucks...because I owe it to Rod
Les Halles...I know he doesn't cook there anymore...but I still want to go

So...who's coming with me?

1 comment:

Elyse said...

Locanda Verde is huge on my list. Must have the lamb sliders. Take ME!!!!

And I will never say no to the Spotted Pig bloody mary. Except the first time when I did. And then I drank yours.

And I give a big thumbs up to Commerce and Les Halles.

Now I will add the rest of your list to my list .... Corton, Shorty's 32, GILT, Recette and Dirt Candy.